This area is for WiTS personnel and special access only. 

WiTS Training Program

Path for Advancement in the WLAN Field   

Advancement in the Wireless Local Area Networking (WLAN) field requires a wide body of knowledge and skills in multiple technologies.  The Wireless Training & Solutions (WiTS) "Proficiency Mentoring Program" (PMP) has been designed to guide a WLAN technologist from entry-level to expert-level competencies.  This comprehensive learning plan consists of three stages with various prerequisites, core requirements, and elective training modules at each stage. 

Upon completion of a course, you will receive a Course Badge. Courses are set as prerequisites for each module. Recognition of achievement for each of the modules takes the form of a digitally certified, transferable, open badge, referred to as the WiTS Medallion.  

Upon enrollment, you will be issued a blank Starter Medallion. As you receive your Course Badges, these will be applied to your Starter Medallion accordingly, in the form of a star.

Upon completion of the required courses for each level, the Medallion Ring will change to the appropriate color.

The Medallion Ring levels are as follows:

  • Entry-Level - Associate - Green Ring
  • Field Engineer - Professional - Blue Ring
  • Architect or Diagnostician - Expert - Ultra-Violet Ring