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Future-Fi - The Road to 802.11-2020 and Beyond

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Future-Fi - The Road to 802.11-2020 and Beyond
by Dana Murphy - Thursday, 4 October 2018, 5:12 PM

Chapter 1 of this exciting blog series, written by Rick Murphy,  is now available. Check it out HERE!

The future of Wi-Fi is so bright you’ll need an arc welder’s helmet to look directly at the new capabilities under development in the 802.11 Working Group, such as: 

 -Possibility of up to 64 additional non-overlapping 20 MHz-wide channels in 6 GHz band (TGax) 

 -Light Communications (Li-Fi), where any lightbulb can be an AP (TGbb) 

 -Next generation support for up to 16 spatial streams with 320 MHz-wide channels and 4096 QAM modulation (EHT SG)  

-Full Duplex Tx/Rx, which can not only double data throughput speeds but also completely eliminate Adjacent Channel Interference (FD TIG) 

 -and many more emerging possibilities...

Find out more HERE!