WiTS Certified WLAN Specialist

Become a Specialist in WLAN Analysis & Troubleshooting or WLAN Design & Site Survey, and achieve the first level of your WiTS Certification.

WLAN Analysis & Troubleshooting Specialist (WAT Spec)

The WLAN Analysis and Troubleshooting track continues following the successful completion of the Wi-Foundations course with WiTS-216: WLAN Analysis and Troubleshooting Training.  The WiTS-216 course focuses on using Spectrum XT and AirMagnet Wi-Fi Analyzer to discover and diagnose OSI Reference Model Layers 1 & 2 of the Wi-Fi environment. 

WLAN Design & Site Survey Specialist (WDSS Spec)

The WLAN Design & Site Survey track continues following the successful completion of the Wi-Foundations course with WiTS-214: WLAN Site Survey and Design training.  The WiTS-214 course focuses on using AirMagnet Planner and Survey Professional to model and measure optimal access point placement in a variety of locations and types of enterprise businesses, using industry-recognized WLAN design best practices.

WiTS 101 - Wi-Fi Foundations

Duration:  2-days In-Class, LIVE Remote Access or On-Site at Customer Location

Course Level:  Beginner/ Intermediate

WiTS 214 - Site Survey and WLAN Design

Duration:  3-days In-Class, LIVE Remote Access or On-Site at Customer Location

Course Level:  Intermediate

Overview:  The goal of this course is to provide the attendee with a hands-on learning environment in which to explore current state-of-the-art WLAN design and deployment concepts and applications. This advanced 3-day course take you from recognizing how radio energy is affected by noise and interference, to properly designing a WLAN according to industry recognized best practices and validating the final deployment of an enterprise wireless network. The course features extensive hands-on labs and exercises designed to exemplify the latest wireless network implementation concepts and methodologies.

At the completion of training, the student will be able to plan, design, deploy and perform the various types of site surveys that allow WLANs to function at their optimum performance. We will be using AirMagnet Survey PRO w/Planner, and Spectrum XT to help take WLAN design to the next level. At the end of the class, each attendees will receive an AirMagnet Academy certification for the course.

Who is this course for?  The Site Survey & WLAN Design training class is designed for network administrators, system engineers, and IT personnel who design, deploy, document, and maintain enterprise WiFi networks.  Managers and administrators who outsource these services will also benefit by learning to use the AirMagnet toolsets in order to verify the work done by contractors.  Consultants and system integrators who use AirMagnet tools to investigate wireless network issues will also receive value from this course.

Prerequisites: CWNA highly recommended and some experience with AirMagnet Survey PRO/Planner

Training Equipment: Laptops will be provided in class


WiTS 216 - WLAN Troubleshooting with SXT & WFA

This course will provide experience in solving real-world examples of some of the most common and troublesome Wi-Fi connectivity, performance, and security related problems using the AirMagnet diagnostic applications, Spectrum XT and WiFi Analyzer.  AirMagnet Certification Level 1 Requirement

Duration:  3-days In-Class, LIVE Remote Access or On-Site at Customer Location

Course Level:  Advanced

Overview:  The 802.11 protocol on which WiFi is based uses a collision avoidance method (CSMA/CA) to grant fair access to all users in the area, many times at the expense of reliable connectivity and performance. In order to determine the cause of most WiFi problems it will be necessary to identify and locate individual sources of RF interference, including non-WLAN devices, breakdown the most likely causes, perform tests to isolate and verify those causes, create a remediation plan, document and create a final report for the entire process, as well perform ongoing monitoring of the WLAN to allow proactive intervention of future troubleshooting issues.

This course will provide the structure and knowledge needed to fulfill all of the above steps in an intensive three-day, hands-on, instructor-led curriculum. The course will provide experience in solving real-world examples of some of the most common and troublesome WiFi connectivity, performance, and security related problems using AirMagnet diagnostic applications such as Spectrum XT and WiFi Analyzer.

Who is the course for?  This wireless troubleshooting and analysis class is designed for WLAN administrators, NOC operators, engineers, technicians, installers and help desk/user support personnel, as well as consultants and system integrators who use AirMagnet products to investigate wireless network issues.

What will you get from this course?  

When you have completed this course, you will be able to:

  • Distinguish WLAN problems based on priority, type, and function.
  • Select suitable AirMagnet diagnostic tools according to the roles and abilities of WLAN staff.
  • Quickly diagnose connectivity, performance, and security-based WLAN problems using AirMagnet applications.
  • Determine the proper remediation for successfully diagnosed WLAN issues.
  • Document the troubleshooting process from the original notification to the final

Prerequisites:  WiTS-101 WIFI FOUNDATIONS COURSE or valid CWNP certification

Hands-on Labs: Yes, AirMagnet WiFi Analyzer, and AirMagnet Spectrum XT

WiTS 212 - AirMagnet Enterprise Expert

Duration:  3-days In-Class, LIVE Remote Access or On-Site at Customer Location

Course Level:  Advanced

Overview:  This is a 3-day hands-on comprehensive course on AirMagnet Enterprise. The material is custom designed based on real world experience for WLAN professionals who are deploying AME, the industry's leading independent 24x7 WLAN security and monitoring system. Attendees of the course will receive experience with the following elements of AirMagnet Enterprise:

  • AirMagnet Enterprise Install and Configuration 
  • Using the Console 
  • WLAN Security Policies 
  • WLAN Performance and Interference 
  • Advanced Functionality

The course is delivered through a combination of lecture-based instruction and hands-on exercises designed to reinforce the student's knowledge of key wireless administration skills, security and performance management policies and the benefits of 24x7 monitoring via AirMagnet Enterprise. 

Prerequisites:  Prior to taking this course participants should have a general understanding of LAN technologies and topologies, the OSI Reference Model, and function of network devices (Hubs, Switches, Routers, VLANs, Collision Domains, Broadcast Domains, etc). In addition, a solid understanding of WLAN technologies is recommended.

AM-216 WLAN Analysis & Troubleshooting
AM-211 On-the-Job training equivalent
A CWNA certification

Course Equipment:  All needed equipment including laptops which will be provided in class